About Us...

What is CEO'S?
     CEO'S is a specialty firm providing both continuous and unique fresh floral services to high profile commercial establishments only.

Why does it work?
     Our clients recognize the fact that CEO'S fresh floral designer arrangements provide them with an opportunity to present their company to both clients and employees in a vibrant and unique fashion often overlooked in standard and unimaginative office decor. Secondly, CEO'S designer arrangements are limited only by he imagination of our floral designers and most importantly are varied weekly to express a new and fresh look within your surroundings.

Benefits to you
     Your customers and employees combined are constantly reminded of your corporate image in comparison to any competitor not availing themselves of the CEO service. Fresh flowers tend to make people feel good in their surroundings thus improving work habits. In addition to their beauty, designer bouquets exude a natural fragrance throughout the immediate area.

CEO'S commitment to you
     CEO'S designer arrangements are delivered Mondays to brighten not only your day but also your office surroundings. Flowers used by CEO'S are specifically selected to maintain their freshness and quality throughout the business week, maintenance free. Our arrangements of ultra fresh exotic flowers are flown in from around the globe thus ensuring you of totally unique selections not to be easily duplicated. Additionally, our imports are seasonally complemented by flowers of local origin.
     CEO'S designer arrangements arrive in superior quality ceramic and glass containers/vases to compliment the decor of your upper management surroundings. Our competent consultants are available to assist you with arrangements for special occasions.

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